We are currently accepting submissions for our Fall 2019 inaugural edition. Publication is set for sometime in mid-September of this year.

Submissions are open until July 1st, 2019.

We do not and never will charge reading fees. We don’t believe in them. Period.

Please include a bio of 100 or less words, in the third person, with your submission. This can be whatever you want, but we like to have it include where you are from/live, your connection to rural spaces, and a short list of published works, awards, prizes, or fellowships. No long string of publication credits is necessary.

To submit please attach 1-5 poems in a single word document or pdf and email your submission to with the subject line: Poetry Submission: [Your Name Here]

We prefer you to submit via email. However, if you must submit by mail for some reason please send a SASE with your submission of 1-5 poems. Please ensure your address is clearly legible on a piece of paper within the envelope you mail to us so that we can make sure we have it in order to contact you.
Send submissions to:
Western Waldo Review
c/o Alexander M. Koch
PO Box 101
Troy, ME 04987

We read submissions blind so your name should not appear anywhere on the manuscript.

Poems should be mainly in English. Use of occasional words or lines in other languages is acceptable.

If you submit work with lines longer than 55 characters, including spaces, we may contact you with suggested edits so that it fits our printing requirements.

Poems should be 12 pt font.
Poems should be single-spaced (except when stylistically appropriate to do otherwise).

To submit please attach 1-5 high quality jpg files of artwork that renders well in black and white and email your submission to with the subject line: Art Submission: [Your Name Here]

We like linocuts, woodcuts, and black & white photography. Drawings and other work will also be considered.

Simultaneous Submissions

Western Waldo Review will happily consider simultaneous submissions, but please notify us immediately by email if your work is accepted elsewhere. Please include the word WITHDRAW in capital letters in your subject line when notifying us. We would prefer if you inform us that the submissions are simultaneous submissions when you initially submit to us.

Some things to keep in mind when submitting

  1. Poets and artists need not be from a rural area to submit, only have been influenced and inspired by rural places enough to create works that reflect those experiences, positive or negative.
  2. Please include a brief cover letter in the body of your email.
  3. In your email include a brief personal bio up to 100 words, in the third person. We are more curious about where you are from and how you fit into the global rural landscape, as opposed to where you have been published before. Some examples of journals, chapbooks, or other published work are acceptable, but no long lists of journals are necessary.
  4. Please ensure the submission is your final work. Unless a serious error has been made we will not accept alterations or edits to submitted works.
  5. Please be mindful of our mission statement. We accept poetry and art addressing rural environments, experience, and life, broadly speaking, from around the world. Submitted work may address rural themes in traditional or novel ways.
  6. Please be mindful of our limits. We are a small group and can only accept up to 5 art and 5 poetry submissions from any one individual in a reading period. Our reading periods is currently open until 25 September 2019 for our inaugural issue.
  7. Please only send poetry or art that renders well in black & white, we do not accept prose at this time. Prose poetry and non-genre work that is reminiscent of poetry is acceptable.

Publication Rights

Western Waldo Review will publish no previously published works, unless we ourselves request them (social media and personal blogs, no matter how well established, do not count as publication in this case). Western Waldo Review is granted first time rights; rights revert to authors upon publication. By submitting your work, you affirm you are the sole author and maintain all rights for your work. We request that any poem republished from Western Waldo Review be properly cited. 


We cannot currently pay for published pieces. However, each contributor will get a contributor copy of the print publication in which their work appears. We are hoping that in the future we will be able to pay contributors.

Thank you!
-The Editors